31 August 2017 10:03:23 WIB

The development of the business world in the last decade has been marked by rapid changes that are often difficult to predict. But basically these developments will lead to a condition that is increasingly fierce competition and all players in the business world are required to be able to face the harsh competition for the survival of the company.

The steps taken to overcome challenges are to transform from a product supplier to a solution provider.

As a solution provider, the product being sold is a package of solutions developed from creative ideas to overcome problems experienced by customers, and no longer worries about competency in the aspects of quality, cost and delivery as at the product supplier stage, because these factors are not again becomes an obstacle.

The direction of developing commercial ship products is focused on the international market, especially Western Europe, especially niche market opportunities through products that have additional special functions with branding such as "Star 50 (50,000 DWT).

Meanwhile, the growth of commercial ship sales continues to be maintained with the optimization strategy of "product mixed such as Bulker, Container and Tanker ships, both Chemical Tanker and Gas Tanker. The domestic market for commercial ship products is directed at programs for developing national shipping industry models or pioneering shipping for passengers and cargo. While the direction of marketing of warships / fast ships / special ships is more focused on the domestic market both for the central government such as the Ministry of Defense, the Indonesian Police, the Department of Maritime Affairs, the Ministry of Finance / the Directorate General of Customs and Excise as well as the Regional Autonomy and the private sector.

The direction of the development of maintenance and repair services (ship), both ship and non-ship deliver, includes depot ship shipping services with a docking capacity of up to 600,000 DWT per year, annual / special survey and overhaul for commercial vessels and warships, harkan electronics and weapons and submarine overhauls. Market opportunities, especially the domestic market, come from the Indonesian Navy, the private sector and the government.

The general engineering product development direction is directed at the maintenance and development of the company's position as an international sourcing supplier in the world's large power generation industry, while modular and EPC products will be more focused on the domestic market. To support the company's development direction, cooperation has been established with Mitsubishi Heavy Industry in the field of boiler design for power plants, Wartsila for diesel engine assembly, AMEC Process & Energy for the design of gas and steam turbine systems.

The business world in today's global competition is full of dynamics and rapid changes. PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) deals with this challenge by making fundamental changes aimed at creating a system with a stronger and more sustainable foundation. The strategy of PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) in dealing with these changes and increasing the company's competitiveness is to make the following breakthroughs:

  • Application of front-end back end mechanism in business development
  • Project financing to optimize production facilities
  • Increased productivity through the implementation of the Full Block Outfitting System (FSOB)
  • Optimizing production equipment
  • PIM (Productivity & Measurement) Center
  • Welding Center
  • Quality policies and policies that lead to the implementation of Good Corporate Governance practices at PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero).

PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) always strives to improve its ability to win increasingly fierce global competition.

The initiatives implemented in dealing with global competition are:

  • Shows the superiority of products that have been recognized so far such as commercial ship products up to 50,000DWT (Star-50)
  • Filling market opportunities for these products
  • Face global competition directly

This initiative combined with flexibility has finally resulted in a product innovation called Star 50. Star 50 will continue to be developed in order to have a competitive advantage and become a pioneering superior product for other products underneath.

Star 50 Is an innovation in ship production that has succeeded in increasing the capacity of ships with Box Shaped Bulk Carrier (BSBC) technology.

In addition to production capabilities, the production process is also constantly being upgraded so that these products can be completed according to the promised deadline. Implementation of the Full Block Outfitting System is a concrete effort to achieve this.

This shows the strong willingness of the company to continue to improve the company's efficient operations as shown by the results achieved, among others, improving production methods by implementing the Full Block Outfitting System, namely building blocks that have been equipped with piping systems, fittings and timely assembled weighing up to 300 tons per block. In turn, the process will accelerate the ship building period so that production time and costs will be efficient and will automatically increase the company's competitiveness. With all these applications, the trend of surrendering production results every year will increase