Product services for both ship and non-ship services include ship maintenance and repair services up to the depot level with a docking capacity of 894,000 DWT per year.

In addition, the services provided are annual / special surveys and overhauls for commercial ships and warships, maintenance and repair of electronics and weapons, and submarine overhauls. Market opportunities for repair and maintenance services include the Navy, private sector, government, and other vessels that stop and are anchored in Surabaya, with a total of 894,000 DWT per year, consisting of KRI Harkan Products, NON KRI and Non-KRI Harkan Products Ship.

PAL INDONESIA always strives to maintain efficiency and continuously improve its repair capabilities. We hope to add to our long list of customers, and to achieve these goals, we are currently collaborating with local and international shipyards.

PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) is the largest and most modern shipping industry in Indonesia, excellent in workmanship, facilities and services. Add to this the enthusiastic and dynamic management of PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO), offering a range of capabilities that include the design and construction of naval vessels and merchants, shore-side steel structures, off-shore rigs, diesel engines, large power plants and chemical plants.

To improve our special care sector, PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) has established a Repair and Maintenance Division as an independent business unit of the company, with its own management structure and business objectives.

Through our long experience in domestic and naval ship repair, the Repair and Maintenance Division offers the ability to service the following services:
- Annual Survey- Special Survey- Floating Repair- Docking Repair- Intermediate Level Maintenance- Depo Maintenance Level- Ship Conversion and Medernization
- Modification / Alternation (propulsion system, electronics, weapons and structure)
- Material Test- Gas Feeing
- Engineering Service.
- Diving and Miscellaneous services for general industries.

Along with the development of electronic technology and weapons, there has been a change of reciprocity and modernization of the naval fleet to increase the reliability of its operations. PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) through the Repair and Maintenance division has answered this challenge with successful tasks related to system design and installation of new equipment on board to meet the needs of shipowners. This results in increased capability in the design and manufacture of various modules, units and other electronic equipment to meet the demands encountered. Electronic systems and weapons for naval vessels basically have their own needs and are more specific than other similar types for on land or in the air, because of the task, mission and field.

Most of the influence is the demands of "rugediness", "long-term operation" and "space limitations. Therefore to meet these demands, special technology is needed to obtain more realibility equipment especially submarine equipment.

Our engine overhoule workshop specifically carries out thorough repairs, reconditioning and installation of all types of high or low speed diesel engines, bed alignment to successful trials.

Overhoul capacity for engine accessories such as single or multi-system injection pumps and governors is not limited to HP.

PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) has a long-term relationship and holds several licenses from major diesel engine manufacturers from Germany and Finland.

This ensures customers receive efficient service, backup and technical support.

To meet customer demand, PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) also has capabilities in a variety of mechanical engineering sub-skills such as hydraulic, pneumatic, piping, machining to large systems that use them such as cranes.