Transforming the business from a product provider into a solution provider by carrying out pro-active marketing.

The defense industry has a great responsibility in achieving and maintaining peace and security throughout the world. Innovation in this dynamic sector is needed to cope with a constantly changing world and provide rapid assistance both at home and abroad. PAL INDONESIA personnel work continuously in close collaboration with clients in the defense shipping industry to protect the naval system such as high technology against the effects of shocks and vibrations.

PAL INDONESIA recognizes that defense, durable and reliable solutions lead to both tactical as an operational advantage. We understand that our performance as the center of the shipping industry is the key to the success of our clients in this industry. The experts from our technical Center of Excellence have an in-depth knowledge of the most innovative solutions according to the most stringent requirements of technical military standards and specifications. Exceptional calculation, simulation and testing of facilities provide conditions for the construction of a defense solution.

As a solution provider for the maritime and general engineering industry, we offer a comprehensive package of funding services and technical support such as: soft loans, long-term payment schemes, operational and leasing cooperation charters and joint operations schemes. Various examples we even accept to build synergies between two or more companies with specific needs and needs.

In our efforts to become a solution provider for the maritime industry, we offer a total solution including funding and technical support, to ensure that truly a total solution, we collaborate with well-known financial institutions and consultants.

The funding scheme works directly from the capital structure of soft loan provision, insurance and other forms of funding, technical assistance, further from technical consultation and supervision of training and education. The solution we provide is beyond help. Various examples, we even accept intermediate rules that we help to build synergies between two or more companies. All these activities show that we provide solutions and help companies at every step to achieve success.