August 31 2017 10:03:23 IWST

PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) has more than - + 30 years experience in the field of Ship Design (Commercial Ships, Battleships and Special Ships) and general Engineering.

Boat design includes various types of ships; Bulk transports up to 50,000 DWT, Passenger ships up to 500 passengers, Tanker up to 30,000 LTDW, Container ships up to 1,600 TEU'S, Fast Patrol Boat up to 57 meters, Tug Boat and Trawler up to 60 GrossTon. In addition, PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) has succeeded in producing many of the Floating Pier for maintenance of any particular ship.

PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) has implemented NAPA / CadMatic software to improve the design and production capabilities of shipbuilding companies to do autoimmunization and efficiency. And PAL INDONESIA shares with a dominant company for the domestic shipbuilding market.