August 31 2017 10:03:23 IWST

With a commitment to being a total solution provider for shipbuilding and the general engineering industry, we realize that success depends on the knowledge, skills and mastery of technology.

The company's capabilities that are connected with state-of-the-art technology have enabled the company to design and build ships that are customized with the latest equipment to further increase productivity.

In the field of general engineering the company makes heavy industrial components such as power plants, diesel engines, steel structures, as well as oil and gas industrial equipment. Services provided include surveys, detailed ship overhouls, ship systems and equipment maintenance. And provide a list of ship repair products and services that will be repaired and is a solution to increase productivity and quality.

In an era like this we must continuously improve technology, we must ensure that the products that are built are mostly state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, the research and development department always monitors developments in new technology with trusted partners to work together to make strategic plans and increase competition based on technology

PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) has more than 26 years experience in the field of Ship Design (Commercial Ships, Warships and Special Ships) and general Engineering.

Boat design includes various types of ships; Bulk transports up to 50,000 DWT, Passenger ships up to 500 passengers, Tanker up to 30,000 LTDW, Container ships up to 1,600 TEU'S, Fast Patrol Boat up to 57 meters, Tug Boat and Trawler up to 60 GrossTon. In addition, PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) has succeeded in producing many of the Floating Pier for maintenance of any particular ship.

Since 2002, PT PAL INDONESIA (PERSERO) has implemented a Design Shipbuilding System to improve the design and production capabilities of shipbuilding, the company carries out automation and efficiency, and PT PAL INDONESIA shares with a dominant company for the domestic shipbuilding market.