August 31 2017 10:03:23 IWST

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. Its territory covers two-thirds of Indonesia's territory is the ocean. Thus, Indonesia is one of the countries with the longest coastline in the world.

The condition and size of the territory that Indonesia has certainly has high economic potential. At the same time requires a solid and integral defense strategy.
As a maritime country, Indonesia's geographical position in the tropics, is in a cross position between two continents (Asia and Australia), and two oceans (Indian and Pacific), certainly has the potential and opportunities for the development of the marine industry which if explored can become an economic force national.

At least this marine sector can have a broad positive impact on the development of the following industries:

  1. Transportation industry
  2. Maritime and shipping industry
  3. Offshore industry
  4. Fishing industry
  5. Tourism industry
  6. Offshore oil mining industry, natural gas and other mineral resources.

The government's commitment in the development of the marine sector, which is manifested in the Indonesian program as the world's maritime axis and sea highway program, has a direct impact on the optimization of the national marine industry, which in turn will give new hope as a sector that contributes to economic growth and national development .

PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) as one of the strategic industries that produces the main tools of the Indonesian defense system, especially for the sea dimension, its existence certainly has an important and strategic role in supporting the development of the national marine industry.

The establishment of PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) began with a shipyard named MARINE ESTABLISHMENT (ME) and was inaugurated by the Dutch Government in 1939. During the Japanese occupation, the company changed its name to Kaigun SE 2124.

After independence, the Indonesian Government nationalized this company and changed its name to Navy Upgrading (PAL). Then on April 15, 1980, based on Government Regulation Number 4 of 1980, the status of the company PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) changed from a Public Company to a Limited Liability Company.

The role of PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) is getting stronger after the issuance of Law No. 16 of 2012 concerning the defense industry where strategic SOEs were given more space. Based on this law PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) professionally carries out the mandate as well as the obligation to play an active role in supporting the fulfillment of the needs of the marine matrices and play the role of the lead integrator of the marine matrices

In accordance with the initial objective of its establishment as a center of excellence in national maritime industry, PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has proven its reputation as a major force in the development of national maritime industries. In an effort to strengthen the foundation for the development of the maritime industry, PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) always works hard to deliver and disseminate knowledge, technology, and skills to the wider community related to the national maritime industry.

This PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) effort is a major step for Indonesia to enter the global defense industry. With its position as the main guide for the Matrix Alutista Sea, PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) will continue to improve its ability to play a role in Driving Synergy to Global Maritime Access in the future. The important role of PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) will bring the Indonesian maritime industry to fulfill the global maritime market.

PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) is located in Ujung, Surabaya. With its main business activities include:

  1. Producing warships and commercial ships
  2. Providing ship repair and maintenance services
  3. General engineering with certain specifications based on client requirements

Currently the capability and quality of design from PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has been recognized by the international market. PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) 's production vessels have sailed international waters throughout the world.

As a shipbuilding company with more than three decades of experience, PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) together with 1,300 employees has mastered the construction of a variety of quality products as follows:

Development of commercial ship products that are directed at domestic and foreign markets. At present, the focus of development is to support national shipping and pioneering shipping industry models for passengers and cargo, as well as develop capabilities for the construction of LPG / LNG Carriers. The current production capacity reaches 1,600 tons / month or the equivalent of 3 units / year, 2 30,000 DWT tankers and 1 17,500 DWT tankers.

Currently PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has mastered the advanced production technology, until it is capable and experienced in producing Bulk Carrier (Bulker) up to 50,000 DWT, container ships up to 1,600 TEUS, tankers up to 30,000 DWT, ships AHTS up to 5,400 BHP, Long Line Tuna Fish Boat 60 GT, passenger ships up to 500 PAX. Meanwhile products that have been developed include container ships up to 2,600 TEUS, and Chemical Tanker ships up to 24,000 LTDW.

Currently PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) is developing products that will be marketed domestically and abroad, especially to meet the needs of warships and state ships according to orders, among others from the Ministry of Defense, Rl Police, Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , Ministry of Finance / Directorate General of Customs and Excise and Regional Autonomy and the private sector, as well as foreign orders.

Products that have been mastered include:
- Landing Platform Dock 125 meters.
- 60 meter class Missile Fast Boat - The 57 meter class Steel Hull Fast Patrol Boat
- 1200 GT Research Ship - Fast Patrol Boat / Special Aluminum Hull Boat class up to 38 meters
- Tugboat and Anchor Handling Tug / Supply ships up to 6,000 BHP class - Fish Ships up to 60 GRT - Ferry and Passenger ships up to 500 pax

Product services for ship and non-ship services include ship maintenance and repair services up to the depot level with a docking capacity of 894,000 DWT per year.

In addition, the services provided are annual / special surveys and overhauls for commercial ships and warships, maintenance and repair of electronics and weapons, and submarine overhauls. Market opportunities for repair and maintenance services come from the Indonesian Navy, the private sector, the government, and other vessels that stop and are anchored in Surabaya, with a total of 6,800 ships per year.

At this time PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has mastered the production technology of supporting components for the power generation and offshore construction industry. This capability will continue to be improved to the level of modular and EPCIC capabilities.

Products that have been worked on include: Steam Turbine Assembly up to 600 MW, Balance of Plant and Boiler Components up to 600 MW, Compressor Module 40 MW, Barge Mounted Power Plant 30 MW, Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers, Stator Frame Generator up to 600 MW, and the Wellhead Platform up to 3000 tons.

History has proven the ability of Indonesian people as famous seafarers, but to be able to compete in the increasingly fierce international arena, PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) realizes that history and tradition can be a driving force, but education and training for its employees is absolutely essential to produce Resources tough and high ability humans. As the backbone of the company, the Human Resources field received special attention with a variety of activities aimed at increasing the competency base of the employees of PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero).

With the number of employees reaching 1300 personnel, PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) implements strategic steps in the management of Human Resources which include:

  • Trimming business processes by building an HR information system using HR software called ASP
  • Organizing organizational functions, by separating the functions of Non-core / supporters are no longer managed by the company but by outsourcing
  • Competency improvement, by building functional and structural competency standards as assessment materials
  • Restructuring of personnel whose competencies cannot be developed optimally
  • Use of outsourcing
  • Supporting increased production is accompanied by skills upgrading training such as welding

Over the past 5 years, PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has succeeded in implementing a system that can improve the competence, expertise and management of human resources and apprenticeships. All of these demonstrate the earnest efforts of PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) to improve the core capabilities (core competence) of its employees.

PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) realizes its position as a large company in the midst of a diverse Indonesian society and its task in preserving the natural surroundings. PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) 's care for the community and its environment is manifested in various charitable activities and environmental conservation movements.

The company applies ISO environmental management standards and provides assistance to victims of natural disasters, education (scholarships) and school facilities, religious facilities (prayer rooms, mosques and churches), construction of public infrastructure, improvement of public health and improvement of community sports achievements.

Forms of partnership that have been developed by companies include providing soft loans for working capital and investment to small-scale entrepreneurs in the East Java region and training programs for fostered partners. At present the number of fostered partners reaches 880 small businesses.