As one of the spearhead of Indonesia's national maritime industry, PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has always struggled to realize its mandate. The challenges faced in the near term include increased ship demand as a direct impact of the revitalization of the industry that will drive an increase in domestic shipping.

On the way and Darma PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has proven its ability to For years to make the motto of human maritime power Indonesia is not a motto alone, but tangible results are proud.

Growth Trade vessel sales continue to be maintained with an optimisation strategy  "Product mixed like ship Bulker, Container and Tanker, well it Chemical Tanker or also Gas Tanker. Domestic market for Business products are directed to the development program of the model National shipping industry or a pioneer voyage for passengers and Goods (cargo). While the marketing direction of warship/vessel products Specials/Special vessels are more focused on the domestic market both for Government such as the Department of Defense, police Department of Marine, Treasury/Directorate General of Customs & Customs and regional and private autonomy.

Direction of service development Maintenance and repairs (Harkan), whether the ship or the non-Harkan Ship includes Depo-level ship service with docking capacity Up to 600,000 DWT annually, annual/special survey and overhaul For commercial vessels and warships, electronics and weapons and The submarine overhaul. Market opportunities especially in the domestic market, From the TNI-AL, private and government.

Direction of development General engineering products directed at the maintenance and development of positions Company as a supplier of "international sourcing of industry The world's major power plants, while modular products and EPC More focused for the domestic market. To support the direction Development of the company, has been established cooperation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industry in the field of design to build boilers Power Plant, Wartsila for the assembly of diesel engines, AMEC Process & Energy to design the system of gas and steam turbines.

Pt PAL INDONESIA (Persero) strives to improve the Its ability to be able to win increasingly stringent global competition.

Initiatives applied in the face of global competition are:

  • Demonstrate the excellence of products that have been recognized as long as the products of commercial vessels up to 50,000 DWT (Star-50)
  • Filling market opportunities for the product
  • Facing direct global competition

Initiative Combined with this flexibility ultimately results in A product innovation called Star 50.  This Star 50 will continue Developed in order to have a competitive advantage and Pioneering flagship product for other products underneath.

Star 50 It is an innovation in ship production that successfully adds Vessel capacity with the Box Shaped Bulk Carrier (BSBC) technology.

Besides Production capability, production process is always improved Quality so that the products can be completed according to the deadline The promised time. Full Block Outfitting System Implementation is a concrete effort to achieve this.

It is Demonstrate the strong willingness of the company to continuously improve Operations as demonstrated by the results of the Among others, increased production methods with the implementation of Full Block Outfitting System, which is building blocks that have been equipped With piping system, fitting and punctual assembled with heavy Up to 300 tons per block. In turn later the process Will accelerate the period of ship building so time and cost The production will be efficient and will naturally increase the competitiveness Company. Â with this application all, trend submission results Production will increase annually.