(Abu Dhabi, 20th of February 2023) PT PAL Indonesia strengthened its commitment to become a global defense industry. For the first time PT PAL Indonesia has participated in the 2023 International Defense Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) which will be held on 20th of February – 24th of February 2023 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) UAE.

PT PAL is one of the largest marine defense industry companies in Indonesia, and currently entering the global market with several export destinations such as countries in south east Asia to the middle east” said Chief Marketing Officer PT PAL Indonesia, Willgo Zainar IDEX 2023 is known as the biennial largest international defense industry exhibition. The exhibition aims to show innovation and renewable technologies, including the latest advanced technologies that have been developed by the defense industries all around the world. IDEX 2023 offers an opportunity for its participants to build strategic partnership in international scale on industrial and military defense. Therefore, this exhibition is classified as a great opportunity for PT PAL Indonesia adapt amidst the rapid development of the world’s defense technology industry.

Picture 1. Chief Marketing Officer PT PAL Indonesia Mr Willgo Zainar welcomes exhibition guests at Idex 2023. Source : Corporate Doccumentation.

By participating in IDEX 2023, PT PAL Indonesia is continuing governance (G to G) and business (B to B) relations between Indonesia and the UAE. These strategic step as the company’s long-term strategy to expand its business globally, especially in the Middle East to promote and propose several state of the art of PT PAL such as Landing Platform Docks (LPD), Hospital Ship (well known as BRS), and Fast Attack Craft Missile (FACM) 60M.

Willgo Zainar said that PT PAL now focuses on the global market as the target of President Joko Widodo and Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto, “That DEFEND ID must be able to become Top 50 Global Defense Industry in the next future.Because of that, it is very important for PT PAL not only to be present at this world class event, but also strengthening PAL’s position as global player ”.

At Indodefence exhibition on 2nd of November – 5th November 2022, PT PAL Indonesia was success attracting the UAE government by offering LPD and BRS ship products. PT PAL Indonesia has also signed several agreement with a local defense company from Abu Dhabi. The cooperation owing to the combability between PT PAL Indonesia’s product design and the geographical location of the Middle East. As the result, PT PAL Indonesia success to expand the export market for warship products. The collaboration also intervened by the strong collaboration from Abu Dhabi company, both in logistics management and ship production training.

Picture 2. PT PAL Indonesia’s Booth View at Indonesia Pavilion of IDEX 2023. Source : Corporate Doccumentation.

The role of PT PAL Indonesia in the IDEX 2023 exhibition is a serious commitment for the company to expanding the market target internationally and improving the quality of the company’s products in the future. PT PAL Indonesia strategically determines the company’s activities in order to build a trusted domestic industrial defense amid the rapidly growing needs of industrial defense. This movement proves the company’s commitment to prioritizing competence and being adaptive to massive developments in the global defense industry.

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