President Joko Widodo on working visit & the cabinet Limited meeting at PT PAL Indonesia (Persero)

Surabaya, 27 January 2020. President Joko Widodo made a working visit and a limited meeting of the main tool development policy of weapons System (ALUTSISTA) in PT PAL Indonesia (Persero). President Joko Widodo reviewed and entered Alugoro submarine and submarine production facility owned by PT PAL Indonesia (Persero). The Alugoro submarine is the third submarine of the first batch of submarine-building cooperation between PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME). President Joko Widodo appreciated the cooperation of the Alugoro submarine and hoped that one time Indonesia would be in a point to be able to make it independently.

Figure 1. President Joko Widodo prepares to enter Alugoro submarine to conduct a review.

On the occasion before the review, President Director of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) Budiman Saleh had the opportunity to explain to the presidential through the Panel regarding the progress achieved by PT PAL Indonesia (Persero), the progress of the ship development Dive Alugoro, and Progress Project Overhaul KRI Cakra-401.

Picture 2. President Director of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) Budiman Saleh explains project Overhaul KRI Cakra-401.

After the review of President Joko Widodo held a limited meeting housed in the submarine production facility of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero). On the occasion before starting the limited meeting, the President appreciated the performance of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) for the last four years. On that occasion the President gave instructions for the defence budget of Rp 127 trillion directed to buy the products of the domestic defense industry.

Fig. 3. The president held a limited meeting against the background of KRI Cakra-401 undergoing the Overhaul.

After the execution of the President's limited meeting gives the press information the conclusion of the limited meeting has been implemented. The President mandated to realize the independence of defence strategic industry. Defence strategic industry should be a priority to fulfill the needs of the relevant ministries, the President gives examples if there is a need of vessels from ministries and state institutions such as Kemhan, Kemenkeu, Polair, and Other can buy at PT PAL Indonesia (Persero). So it is expected not only the certainty of orders for the next 5 years but the certainty of up to 15 years ahead, for that necessary consistency in planning implementation of ALUTSISTA procurement, which aims are raising the strategic industry Defense.

Fig. 4. President Joko Widodo gave an explanation following the implementation of the limited meeting of internal ALUTSISTA development policy.

Figure 5 Employees of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) to release president Joko Widodo after visiting PT PAL Indonesia (Persero).

After giving explanation to the media, the president left PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) and was released by a number of people gathered together with the South side of the submarine production facility to another work visit in Gresik Regency.

Prepared by: Department of Public Relations of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero).