PAL INDONESIA as a company in shipping and products Engineering. And also ship maintenance and repair providers, recognizing The need to tailor the best working standards;

  • Provide guarantees to customers for quality products and services
  • Providing warranty to customers, all production processes and outputs are all sympathetic to the environment.
  • Always emphasize on health and safety.

PAL SMPAL's management system has been published in an effort to fulfill all objectives and represents a collection of caution instructions for all activities, work operations and all functions affecting the quality of products, environment and health and occupational sa

fety . All manual work manuals are based on internationally recognized standard quality:

  • International Organization for Standard ISO 9001
  • An intersaional organization for standard ISO 14001
  • Related to the health and safety of the OHSAS 18001 series and the regulation of the manpower Minister of work No. Per 05/Men/1996.

To ensure that our righteous efforts have adopted the principles of corporate governance;

Therefore, all employees have the same responsibilities to:

  • Prioritize quality products and services company.
  • Preventing pollution in the environment and workplace
  • Assure that all efforts are made to ensure health and safety standards.

To ensure efforts on the right track PAL INDONESIA applies the principles of corporate governance.