Maha Karya PAL INDONESIA in THE eyes of society, through THE work of gold hands

With experience in the field of design and build various types of warships, PAL INDONESIA is currently regionally as the main builder of warships meet the needs of naval vessels for domestic and international market such as from the Ministry of Defence, Police Department, Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Finance/Directorate of Customs and Excise & Excise, and regional and private

And according to article 11, act No. 16, 2012; PT PAL INDONESIA 100% is the main industrial defence/primary industry maker Weapons system is a state-owned enterprise determined by the Government as a (lead integrator) that produces the main system of weapons or integrates the main components, components, and raw materials into a ready-made weapons system. And companies that have the same position.

Currently, PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) is developing products that will be marketed domestically and abroad, especially to meet the needs of warships and state vessels to order, among others from the Ministry of Defense, police Rl, Ministry of Maritime & Fisheries, Ministry of ENERGY and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Finance/Directorate General of Customs & Excise and regional and private autonomy, and foreign orders.

PAL INDONESIA manufactures various types of speed boat products/special ships, and several products that have been mastered include:

  • Platform Landing Dock 125 meters
  • 105-metre Missile control destroyers (FRIGATE)
  • Quick Ship Missile 60 meter/ 
  • Speed boat patrol of steel hull 57 meters 
  • Ship researcher 1200 GT
  • Speed patrol ship/special ship aluminum hull up to 38 meters
  • Ship Tugboat and Anchor Handling Tug/Supply up to Klas 6,000 BHP
  • Fish ship up to 60 GRT
  • Ferry and passenger up to 500 pax

To Help warship missions, every warship is equipped with Computer navigation system, advanced control communication system And standard war tools with specifications installed according to Request.