Asa Indonesia to realize the fulfillment of floating power plant in East Indonesia  Independently will be realized immediately. Through PT Indonesia Power as a child PT PLN (Persero), which focuses on commercial enterprises in the field of Power generation will soon have Dual Fuel Barge Mounted Power Plant (BMPP) capacity 150MW for Indonesia Which will be built by PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) a state-owned In the field of maritime industry and national pride Energy which also Had experience building the BMPP 1x30MW in 1997.

To realize the Nawa Cita presidential program, there is synergy between PT Indonesia Power and PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) for the independence of fulfilment of floating power plant in Indonesia marked with the signing of 3-unit construction contract BMPP capacity of 2x60MW and 1x30MW with total contract value of Rp. 2.6 trillion. The contract was carried out by the President Director of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) Mr. Budiman Saleh and Director of development and commerce of PT Indonesia Power Mr. Adi Supriono witnessed by the President Director of PT Indonesia Power Mr. M. Ahsin Sidqi, PLT Director Utama PT PLN (Persero) Mrs. Sripeni Inten Cahyani, the attorney general of the Young Civil & the State administration of Mr. Tarmidhi, and Mr. Silvester Budi Agung as the Assistant Deputy ELKP Ministry of SOE Republic of Indonesia on Monday, 30 September 2019 located at the main office of PT PLN (Persero) in Jakarta. In addition to the signing of BMPP construction contract also implemented extension of the strategic cooperation/MCC in the field of engineering and maintenance repair, as well as the MoU on marketing cooperation, EPC, O&M BMPP for foreign markets especially for the archipelago countries in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Figure 1. Signing of Contract Documents

BMPP PT Indonesia Power's order is a mobile power plant with Dual Fuel Engine integrated with Barge construction. This BMPP must be designed to meet the requirements of structural strength to fatigue, good barge stability in both withdrawn and unblocked conditions and good mooring capabilities so that it can be operated in accordance with planned and safe performance, So that the development of BMPP belongs to specific work.

Picture 2. Shared photos after signing the contract

The development of each BMPP can be completed within 15 months with modern production technology at PT PAL Indonesia Workshop in Surabaya. BMPP capacity of 60MW has a length of 72 meters, width 27.4 meters, height 6.5 meters and is loaded as high as 4.7 meters and is supported by 6 x Dual Fuel Engine 20V34DF. While the capacity of 30MW has a length of 54 meters, width 27.4 meters, height 6.5 meters and loaded as high as 4.7 meters and is supported by 3 x Dual Fuel Engine 20V34DF. Of the 3 BMPP units, the planned 2x60MW was stationed at Kolaka Southeast Sulawesi and 1x30MW in Sambelia Nusa Tenggara Barat.

Pictures 3. Souvenirs delivery

Besides Compact, low barge-filled dimensions that Suitable for remote areas, BMPP also has the advantages of flexibility Operation with different fuels, can be operated with the GASOLINE or Gas mode without the need to turn off the generator and without flashing, have Highly efficient Heat Rate and SFC (Spesific Fuel Consumption), Can fulfill the needs or replace the floating plant in Some parts of Indonesia.

Prepared by: Department of Public Relations of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero)