The help of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) Production Hospital

A hospital auxiliary vessel or Better known as BRS is not the main weapon system (Alutsista) of the TNI AL. Currently the TNI has had one BRS KRI Dr. Soeharso and scheduled to get an additional one BRS again in 2021. TNI currently disables KRI Semarang (594) became a BRS vessel to meet the needs. Procurement project The NAVY's second BRS is currently in progress Working by PT PAL Indonesia (Persero). Scheduled on Thursday, October 10, 2019 process The work enters the stage of keel laying or the placement of the ship. BRS ships are based on Landing Platform Dock (LPD) ships Used by TNI AL, AL Philippines, And the interest of countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Senegal.

BRS Ship has a technical specification length of 124 meters, width 22 meters, and a height of 6.8 meters. The vessel weighs 7300 tons, with a maximum speed of 18 knots, cruising speed 14 knots, and endurance at least 30 days. In operation the vessel could transport 120 Crew, 16 helicopter crew, 89 health crew members, has the ability to accommodate and maintain 169 patients. In the evacuation mission, the vessel was able to transport 280 People.

BRS Ship is a supporting vessel or support in the implementation of military operations. The ship's nature was a supporting vessel for military operations in war (OMP), at the time of The peace of the vessel can be enabled in military operations other than war (OMSP). Based on TNI LAW No. 34 year 2004, in OMSP Mission, BRS Ship Can carry out operating tasks help mitigate the consequences of natural disasters, Humanitarian aid, evacuation, and assistance in the pursuit and aid of accidents (Search and rescue). Not limited to the scope, BRS Ship Also has the capability of implementing international diplomacy missions.

BRS ship function is very fitting With Indonesian maritime characteristics and insights. Indonesia as an island nation as a country that Located within the ring of fire area has a natural disaster vulnerability such as erupting mountains, Earthquakes that Can be followed by a secondary disaster such as tsunami and more. With this situation, the BRS vessels are mobile and can be moved anytime to the disaster affected areas to carry out disaster emergency response activities. The BRS ships are equipped with various medical functions up to medical actions. Medical facilities Owned equivalent to a hospital, Until the nickname as a hospital float deserves to be given on the ship BRS.

A mission ever carried by Dr. Soeharso, The mission is to carry out humanitarian operations In East Timor in the early years 2016 coincided with President Joko's state visit Widodo. While in East Timor KRI Dr. SOEHARSO conducts health activities on the community, Timorese people Leste was enthusiastic about the activity. The mission of Mugrant in Foreign military is one of the main tasks of TNI AL is Naval Diplomacy. There is one special thing To achieve from the activity. Naval Diplomacy is one of the communication implementation of conception Confidence Building Meassures (CBM). CBM is an attempt to create a sense of Mutual trust between two international actors. Country is one of the international actors. There are several variables That can be used to seek CBM i.e. communication, restriction, transparency and verification. Health Service of KRI Dr. Soeharso in Timor Leste is a form of communication effort to create CBM between Indonesia and East Timor.

Indonesia and Timor Leste have a unique history In the past. Attempts to create a relationship that Productive and equal needs a lengthy process. But thanks to a good commitment between the two countries, The process can be passed well. The key to that success is seriousness and commitment to creating Taste Between the two sides until reconciliation was reached. Reconciliation can be created when each party has to relieve the memory of the Conflicts in the past. And KRI Dr. Soeharso managed to carry out his duties well as actor to realize Mutual trust.

Prepared by: Department of Public Relations of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero)