At this time PT PAL INDONESIA (Persero) has mastered the production technology of supporting components of power generation and offshore construction industries. These capabilities will continue to be upgraded to the extent of modular capability and EPCIC.

The products that have been done, among others: Steam Turbine Assembly up to 600 MW, Balance of Plant and Boiler components up to 600 MW, Compressor Module 40 MW, Barge Mounted Power Plant 30 MW, Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers, Generator Stator Frame S/d 600 MW, and Wellhead Platform up to 3000 tons.

ABILITY in the field Of BALANCE Of PLANTReverse Engineering, Engineer PT PAL has proved with the completion of several Power Plant projects such as Heat Exchanger, Boiler, Oil Cooler, Piping system and various other pressure parts components.

The experience and ability Maintenance of BOP recondition and supporting equipment, among them on the project PLTU Tanjung Priok, PLTU Suralaya, PLTU Paiton, and Re-tubing Activities & New Fabrication, antara lain; HP/LP Heater, Fabrication Condenser, Cooler system, Boiler, Piping system, Accessories.


  • Main Condenser up to 600MW, with 8000 mm Length, 5000 mm Width, 6000 Height, and tonnage 300 Tons.
  • High Pressure FW Heater up to Design Pressure 406 Kg/cm2, Dimension 10620 mm Length, 2500 mm Width, 2200 Height, and tonnage 50 Tons.
  • Stator Frame up to 700MW, with 10300 Length, 4000mm Width, 4300 mm Height, and tonnage 176 Tons.
  • Deaerator, Dimension 9790 mm Length, 26800 mm Width, 3150 mm Height, and tonnage 25 Tons.
  • Storage tanks, Dimension 17840 mm Length, 4550 mm Width, 5250 mm Height, and tonnage 80Tons
  • Steel Structure up to 2,400 tons/year
  • Machining Production up to 30,000 Machine Hours