31 August 2017 10:03:23 WIB

With the recreation event is expected to be an oasis in the routine and the work rhythm of PAL people is quite tiring. Recreation in its implementation is carried out by each Division and carried out outside working hours, so that it does not interfere with the company's production process. The purpose of this recreation is more for relaxation and refreshing, so that this event can restore the vitality and enthusiasm of the work of employees, after all this time struggling in the workload.

The implementation period is at least once a year. As for the places that PT PAL employees visited as an alternative recreation with colleagues in a.l Division: Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang, for example to the Flower Club, Tea Garden, Songgoriti, Batu, Agro Tourism, etc.

In practice sometimes it involves the entire family of employees, not infrequently also for the effectiveness and savings of the company's budget, recreation does not involve the employee's family. But the event is packaged more formally like Outbound, Rafting, Ruhani Tourism, etc. What is more focused on increasing motivation for people of PAL. So that their return from this recreational activity also returns employee morale, motivation, and physical fitness, which in turn helps to increase company productivity.