August 31 2017 10:03:23 IWST

PAL INDONESIA as a company in the field of shipping and engineering products. And also ship maintenance and repair providers, recognizing the need to adjust the best work standards

  • Providing guarantees to customers for quality products and services
  • Providing guarantees to customers, all production processes and outputs are all sympathetic to the environment
  • Always emphasize on health and safety < / li>

The PAL SMPAL management system has been issued in an effort to meet all objectives and represent a set of caution guidelines for all activities, work operations and all functions that affect product quality, environment and occupational health and safety

All work manual instructions are based on internationally recognized quality standards:

  • International organization for ISO 9001 standards
  • An intersaional organization for ISO 14001 standards
  • Regarding occupational health and safety in the OHSAS 18001 series and labor minister regulation No. Per 05 / Men / 1996

To ensure that our business is right we have applied the principles of corporate governance; Therefore all employees have the same responsibility for:

  • Prioritizing the quality of company products and services
  • Preventing pollution in the environment and workplace
  • Ensuring that all efforts are made to ensure occupational health and safety standards
  • < / ul>

    To ensure that the business is on the right track PAL INDONESIA applies the principles of corporate governance