With a recreation event is expected to be an oasis in the routine and rhythm of the human work PAL is quite exhausting. Â recreation opportunities are performed by each division and carried out outside working hours, so it does not interfere with the production process of the company. The purpose of this recreation is more for relaxation and refreshing, so with this event will be able to restore the vitality and morale of employees, after a long time struggling in the workload.

Period The Culaannyaâ at least once a year. As for the places that has been visited by PT PAL employees as a recreation alternative with Partner of A. L Division: Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang For example to Flower club, tea plantation, Songgoriti, Batu, Agrowisata, etc.

In It sometimes involves the entire employee's family, not infrequently juga for the effectiveness and savings of corporate budgets, recreational Does not involve employee families. But the event is packed more formally such as Outbond, rafting, Ruhani tourism, etc. More focused On increased motivation for PAL's human beings. So as they return Of this recreational activity also restores the spirit, motivation, and Physical fitness of employees, who in turn helped Increase company productivity.