• Programmer Education and training provide basic level of skills for operator as well as advanced skills for supervisors and consist of several majors, among others;
  1. Welding
  2. Electrik & Electronics
  3. Machine
  4. Ship Construction
  5. Wooden ship
  6. Design and Drafting
  7. Interior & Perkayuan
  • Training Fishermen and marine, wooden shipbuilding training and programs Production, presented in order to support the development of skills on Operational level.
  • Consultation and Implementation Center and ability Test Center based on CBT (Competency Based Training).
  • Programmer for producing and maritime industries

Center Education Training PAL INDONESIA directs to Continuously develop system learning techniques in line with Development of the already-fledged capabilities.

Education system Conducted by the PAL INDONESIA Education Training Center is based With standard capabilities are raw and necessary for Tenaga-kerja Within the company.

Maintenance Management & Technology T
raining The Center of Excellence in ship repair and maintenance di  Indonesia, PAL INDONESIA Education Training Center has facilities Training and abilities that do not exist elsewhere.

As Naval industry training institutions based on the Their many skills, THE PAL INDONESIA Education Training Center is more From providing consulting and production services, including Software and hardware activities relating to the Preparation.